black stone

Aine’s Black Stone Scroll

The verse at the beginning of the poetry doesn’t follow any specific meter, but I tried to incorporate 1-syllable alliteration per line. The court text is adapted with permission from Master Fridrikr Tomasson. Written in Younger Futhark. Linework and runes by me, paint by Lord Sasson della Sancta Victoria. Design based on a valkyrie pendant from the Swedish History Museum.

Old Icelandic

Sólarljós skínr á Dáinnsdottir
Dregillshodd hon es glóðrauðr
Hondum hon gorir eldsmatr
Glóar hugansteinn allglatt
á afl svartasteinnfjalls

Vér, Ichijo Honen, góðar Svartasteinfjalls, ok Cerridwen de Skene, elskukona hans, fremja Aine ny Allane á Bróðerni Svartasteinn. Bjoðum þetta daginn átti ok tuttugandi Harpa vetr annarr fimm tigar landsbygðar at Svartasteinfjall goðorð um Svartastein Bardagi.


The sun’s light shines on Dáinn’s daughter
Her ribbon’s hoard is ember-red
Her hands make fire’s food
Glows brightly the stone of thought
In Blackstone Mountain’s forge

We, Ichijo Honen, baron of Blackstone Mountain, and Cerridwen de Skene, his beloved wife, induct Aine ny Allane into the Order of the Black Stone. Done this 28th day of April, 52 year of the settlement in the Barony of Blackstone Mountain at Blackstone Raid.


The first line is a play on Aine’s name: Aine was an Irish goddess of summer and generally means radiance, etc. Allane is supposedly an Old Irish word for deer, and Dainn was one of the four deer that feed on the low branches of Yggdrasil.

Ribbon’s hoard is a kenning for hair (original); fire’s food is literally coal, but also the work that fuels the barony (; the stone of thought is a kenning for heart (