Feast Menus:
Harvest Raid XXVI 2019
Test Kitchen, Round 1
Tournament of the White Hart XX 2017

Leihen Helvetia! 2016
Blackstone Mountain Twelfth Night 2015
Tournament of the White Hart XVII 2014
Leihen Helvetia! 2013
Leihen Helvetia! 2012
Tournament of the White Hart XV 2012

Ale and Onion Soup
An Apple Tart
Beef and Bacon Pie
Candied Egg Yolks – Yemas de Santa Teresa
Chicken, Bacon, and Grape Pie
Genovese Tart
German Pear Tarts
Herb Tart
Hippocras (from Alessio Piemontese)
Lamb Pie
Lutefisk (Subtlety)
Parsnip Pie
Rabbit and Apple Quiche
Rice (Dutch recipe)

Stuffed Eggs
Stuffed Eggs, in a French Style
Stuffed Cabbages
Venison in a Sauce
Venison Pie
Venison & Pork Meatballs
White Roman Tart
Wine Jellies
Whole Apple Pie & Hot Water Lard Crust

14th Century Cross-Stitch Badges
15th Century German Cross-Stitch Script
Queen Ariella’s Favor – Counted Stitch

Darian’s Onyx Scroll
Aine’s Black Stone Scroll
Sasson’s Keystone Scroll
Backlog AoA 2016 – Thorstein Vigdisson
Agincourt 2015 A&S Tourney Scroll
Letter of Intent 2015 Fall Crown Tourney Scroll

16th Century German Outfit
16th Century Italian Lip Balms

Marginalia Box

Darian’s Poetry: 
Light Brought by Darkness
Sing of Her
The White Heart