Day: August 12, 2017

Augmentation of Arms Scroll


Truth time. I’m struggling with this one, folks, and I’m still not sure these are the right words. I was surprised when I was called into court at Pennsic, and even more so when His Majesty Timothy handed me a tissue and rose to tell the tale of why he and Her Majesty were so moved to do this. I’ve only been a member of the Society for about 7 years, and when I look at the list of all the others who have received this award before me, I feel small. These are outstanding individuals who have dedicated many, many years of their lives to making our Kingdom and our Society a better place to live and work and play in. For my part, I have only done a fraction of all their work, but I am now more resolute than ever that I will continue to strive to better both my kingdom and myself.

It also makes me incredibly happy this scroll’s calligraphy was done by the other Astridr Viga-something in my Kingdom. 😀