Month: August 2017

Sabina Welserin’s Herb Tart

The Shire of Port Oasis held an Althing this summer where I taught a hands-on class on how to make two tarts: the White Roman Tart from Ouverture de Cuisine and Sabina Welserin’s Herb Tart (133). One was a given, and the other, a gamble.

133 An herb tart

First, take a small handful of hyssop, mint, chard and sage. There should be three times more of chard than of the other herbs, according to how large one will make the tart. Take clarified butter and fry the herbs named above therein, take raisins, small currants and sugar, as much as you feel is right. Take then eight eggs, beat them carefully into that which is described above and make a pastry shell with an egg and bake it slowly.

My Happy Kitchen Helpersâ„¢ helped me de-vein the chard and chop the herbs for this tart, and they were gracious enough to stand around the kitchen, chat with me, and listen to me blather on about my love of Sabina Welserin and general medieval and renaissance cooking for awhile. At the end of it, this tart was savory, but on this go-around needed salt, because that was the one addition I’d forgotten for this recipe. It’s definitely different than our modern palate prepares us for, but the Shire was very gracious — and since both tarts were finished by the end of the day, I’ll call it a success worth sharing.

I actually don’t have a specific redaction for this recipe — the one listed above is easy enough to follow: Chop chard, mint, and sage (omitting hyssop because it’s not easy to come by here), fry in butter with spices (and salt!). Add in raisins, currants, and spices, then let cool. Beat eggs and cream, mix together all ingredients, pour into prepared pie shell, and bake at 425*F until done. ..Maybe I should make a better recipe for this, but it was pretty standard as far as pies go. And, with the permission of Lady Kismira, some photos!

Augmentation of Arms Scroll


Truth time. I’m struggling with this one, folks, and I’m still not sure these are the right words. I was surprised when I was called into court at Pennsic, and even more so when His Majesty Timothy handed me a tissue and rose to tell the tale of why he and Her Majesty were so moved to do this. I’ve only been a member of the Society for about 7 years, and when I look at the list of all the others who have received this award before me, I feel small. These are outstanding individuals who have dedicated many, many years of their lives to making our Kingdom and our Society a better place to live and work and play in. For my part, I have only done a fraction of all their work, but I am now more resolute than ever that I will continue to strive to better both my kingdom and myself.

It also makes me incredibly happy this scroll’s calligraphy was done by the other Astridr Viga-something in my Kingdom. 😀